Thursday, February 26, 2009

Can't stop that old clock from ticking!

The Biological Clock that is . . . . So, this is the Miss Babs Yummy Superwash Sock yarn I bought at SAFF that my husband claimed for his own. I've never made him socks before, so it seemed like if he wanted it, he should have it. I'm not sure what the colorway name is, but I liked it for it's subtle orange.

Since he has bigger feet, I wanted a toe up pattern so I could just keep going till I ran out of yarn. Mom sent me The Eclectic Sole: Socks for Adventurous Knitters as a present and I decided to knit the Biological Clock Socks pattern from it with minor changes to make it more masculine (no picot edge).

I love working with this yarn - it's so nice to knit and even nicer to put on my feet. I will definitely have to get a bit more. Fortunately I understand that she's going to be at Stitches South and so am I.

All done! And they are lovely things too! He hasn't tried them on yet, so don't know how they fit him, but if there is a problem, they fit me ok!

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