Saturday, January 31, 2009

Busy, busy day.

Today was a busy, busy day. Husband was gone and coming back today and daughters were both scheduled to the hilt. Daughter #2 was going to a Bat Mitzvah in the morning that I was also invited to and wanted to attend, but it wasn't exactly possible given the day's transportation needs. So, I dropped her off and then started running the other daughter around. Spent the entire day dropping off and picking up and then picked up Husband at the Marta after he arrived back in town. Then we went shopping and had some fun.
It was suggested that I let Daughter #1 learn to play the guitar to accompany herself when she sings. So we got this lovely pink guitar and a teach yourself to play book/cd for her. It's a cheap (very cheap and not necessarily in a good way) guitar, but if she actually puts some effort into it, I will consider buying her a nicer one. She's been playing with it all afternoon, but that doesn't mean it will ever be picked up again.

Daughter #2 has wanted one of these for a long time, and I've said no that she was too young. But there have been about a dozen times since the first of this year that it would have been so nice if she'd had one. There were three times this week that I needed her to have one and two more today. So, she now has one and if you call me sometime, I will give you her number.

This is the harvest from my greenhouse this afternoon. The bigger fruit is a passion fruit from my Lady Margaret plant and the smaller one is from Amethystina. They are both full sized and ripe. The Amethystina fruit is soft & squishy and the Lady Margaret still has a shell rather like an egg. (Lady Margaret is red, Amethystina purple)

And this is my daphne odora getting ready to bloom. It has flowers open - one or two in most of the bunches. It's lovely, but the very best thing about it is the fragrance. It's delicious and delightful and will only get better and stronger as more flowers open. I've lost several of these plants, but these two bushes (two right together) are very happy where they currently are and I hope they stay that way.

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Aim said...

OOh, I'm jealous, passionfruits and daphne! I have read about, drooled over, and dreamt about growing plants like these :)