Sunday, January 4, 2009

Yes, there really is knitting happening . . .

So, we hung around home for Christmas and the weekend after which contained the girl's birthday. Then we headed to the beach for New Years. It's been a while since we've been to the beach and I think we were all going thru withdrawal. There were lovely flowers blooming the entire time we were there. . .

Miss M got a Sushi Making book/kit for Christmas - she's been asking for one for years and I've never thought it was a good idea. This year a friend of mine mentioned that she was giving her daughter (a year older than M) a sushi kit and the fixings to make sushi for Hanukah. Since this friend and her family are vegan I figured we could make sushi without using raw fish too. So we made it with smoked salmon and cooked shrimp. A little help was needed because rolling sushi with a broken arm is no small trick, but we got the job done and it was tasty!!!

And finally, some knitting news . . .
First, the wrist warmers that I was making to go with the yoga socks I already made out of the Numma Numma Toasty in Needlenook Nosh. Unfortunately, she can wear both yoga socks, but only one wrist warmer cuz the other won't fit over her brace.

And remember that black and red Norwegian Sweater that I was working on? I had it in time out because I wasn't sure it was going to fit and wasn't sure I wanted to rip it and reknit it. Well, I decided that I needed to decide what to do with it - either finish it or rip and reknit or rip and stash the yarn. I sat and thought and I figured that even if I do lose weight a bulky sweater is still nice if it's a little too big, but no sweater is nice if it isn't big enough. I thought about ripping it and never reknitting it, but decided that I bought the yarn for this and it's a supreme waste to buy that much yarn and then just toss it in a closet and hope to never see it again so it won't remind you that you didn't use it as intended and don't have a use for it still.
So, the sweater that was about 10" done is now just ribbing again (no need to rip that, now is there?) and I'm starting over . . . will post progress pics later.

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