Sunday, January 25, 2009

New and Improved Turquoise Hat!

Ok, so you remember that I made this hat and this scarf for myself, right? Used some lovely Malabrigo worsted. Well, the scarf is really pretty and as practical as a scarf can be for someone who doesn't wear scarves. But I didn't really like the hat - not the way it looked, not the way it fit and not the way it felt.
So, after reading the Yarn Harlot and seeing the picture of the hat and mittens she made her daughter I decided to remake the hat. I found a bit of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Bulky (or maybe super bulky) behind the bed. Then I had to rip out the hat that had already been knit - started that yesterday evening.
I knit the Cashmerino into a strip using moss stitch and when it was big enough to go around my head, I sewed it together and picked up stitches along the top edge. Since the cashmerino was bulkier than the malabrigo, I picked up more stitches and used a needle one size smaller. Then I knit from the strip to the top of the head - tried it on and when I thought it was big enough did my decreases. Afterward, I picked up and knit four rows on the bottom and then bound off. I didn't like the curl, so I undid the bind off and two rows and purled a row and then bound off in purl and now it lies flat.

I really like it - it's comfortable and as attractive as a headwarming hat can be on someone who generally doesn't like hats.

What do you think?

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