Saturday, July 31, 2010

Water Lilies

Fred came in to tell me that mom had three water lilies blooming, two white and a purple in the stock tank pond. Teresa was on the phone with me at the time and said the purple one must be a tropical that Craig had sent. I said no, they were all from last year, ones Craig had sent and that I had over wintered.

Since I have a black thumb and since tropicals are hard to over winter we had decided that I didn't have any tropicals left this past spring.

Teresa gave me a quick lesson in water lilies over the phone. If the leaves are smooth edged, then they are the hardy ones but if they have a kind of serrated leaf, they are a tropical.

I went and took pictures and sure enough the purple one has serrated leaves. Pretty cool hunh?

I also realized that even tho the stock tank and the half barrel are getting an inch of water a week, they are losing a lot more than that. Also took off the yellowed leaves so it looks better but decided to be honest with the picture.

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