Saturday, July 31, 2010

Farmer's Market

Fruits, veggies, house plants, garden plants, cakes, pies, baked goodies, jams & Jellies, honey, cheese and all kinds of goodies! Miss M and I got An Orchid - pretty, isn't it?


dmr said...

Do you suppose it is just that you have a better camera than I do? Is that why your photos always turn out so much better than mine? That your photos look like they were taken by someone who knew what to do with a camera and mine look like an amateur took them?

TRH said...

First, the pics I am posting now are from my phone which has a better-than-average-for-a-phone-camera camera, but you have to make sure the lighting is right before you take the pic because they tend to be dark. The way I have found to get good pics is to get close and to take a lot of pics and throw most of them away.