Monday, July 26, 2010


It was a sad morning when I went through my email and came across a note from the company that installed and maintains my a/c furnace unit. They wrote to tell me that they now have "huffer" locks in stock and can come out and install one.

Hopefully, unless you are a parent of a teenager, you haven't a clue what the significance of that is.

A couple of weeks ago a teenage boy from a very small town in rural Idaho drowned while swimming in a pond. He went swimming right after huffing freon and although he died from drowning, the reason he drowned was his mind was whacked out.

Still don't know what huffing is and why you should care? Huffing freon is when the teenagers go to some home or business and fill up a margarine tub or a bag with the freon out of your a/c. Then breathe it. Every home and business is a fill up spot without even knowing it.

How sad that our world has come to this.

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