Monday, July 12, 2010

Gardening today

Sorry no knitting, tatting or spinning today. I did finish the fourth helmet liner last night, but haven't worked ends in and haven't taken pics for you. Figure I will mail those tomorrow with the dvd collection if I can. It surprised me how fast those got knit. I started the third one Saturday night - had about an inch of ribbing done when I went to bed. I finished it on Sunday and started and finished the fourth. And I managed to help the girls sort all Dad's cds too. (By the way, there are roughly 120 to 125 per shelf and there are 5 shelves. Plus there is a big box of Greatful Dead, Dick's Picks, Phil Lesh, Grisman and Garcia that didn't fit on the shelves and all the big boxed sets are elsewhere because they are too tall for the shelves.)

This is the carolina red hibiscus that lives in my pond. It is absolutely covered with buds and has been blooming every day for several days now. Isn't it pretty?

I really want to fill the small pond with dirt and put all my hibiscus in it so they can just spread and grow like crazy (they like lots of root room). Then they will bloom like crazy for me.

Had to do some work outside today. My friend Craig sent me some waterlilies (a victoria - the ones with huge leaves - and two other tropicals) and they badly needed potting/repotting.

So I emptied out the big pot without a hole that was living by the little pond with nothing much worth keeping left in it and brought it down to the sunny patio. You can see it partly filled with dirt next to Miss S's potato pot - see the potato? It's freaking taking over the world. I put more dirt, some fertilizer and the two tropical lilies in the patio pot and filled it with water. They both have buds, so maybe blooms to follow. I also repotted the vic in a bigger pot, but it would really like a much bigger pot. I have a much bigger pot, but it currently has the purple loosestrife in it and I can't lift it, much less empty it. I'll pick one up somewhere in the next week or so and the vic has enough room for a day or two. I really hope it blooms for me . . .

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