Sunday, July 25, 2010

Helmet Caps for Soldiers

We have been busy knitting helmet caps for the soldiers of the 116th Brigade who are deploying to Iraq in September. Teresa sent her hats, I finished up most of mine and mom got hers done except for the last one.

So we went over to Meridian to The Yarn Shoppe to turn in this batch. We were excited and so was Melissa at The Yarn Shoppe.
We had twelve hats to turn in - 4 from each of us. The shop was at 300 hats plus and it felt very good to help them on their way to 400. They aren't the only yarn shop collecting the hats and that is a good thing. There are 2700 men and women going over, 1500 from Idaho and 1200 from Oregon and Montana.

I would feel bad if we didn't have a hat for each and every one of those soldiers. So mom and I got enough yarn to make 4 more each and we each had one on our needles.


trh said...

When do they have to have them? I have to make at least one for Craig's son in law, but it doesn't take long to make them and I can probably squeeze in a few more before the deadline.

dmr said...

They obviously want them as soon as possible but the soldiers ship the middle of September. They are hoping to get enough by the end of August.

dmr said...

How do you get your picture to show up by your comments? I want what you have. It doesn't matter that I don't need it. It doesn't matter that I didn't want it until I saw you had it. Now that I know you have something I don't have, I want it.

Mommy, make her give it to me!