Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lavender Festival

This year we went to the Lavender Festival here in Emmett.

Last year we went to Lakeside Lavender Festival over in Nampa and had a wonderful time. We picked lavender and made lavender wands and tried lavender lemonade and well - you can look up the blog entry cause it was tons of fun. There was a huge group of us: Fred and mom and I; Teresa and Maddie; Jonathon. This year it was just mom and I. Guess no one else had as much fun as we did cause none of the others came with us this year. Of course Fred is working today and Teresa has some excuse and Maddie's mom won't let her come. Don't know where Jonathon is this weekend.

There are two festivals right here in Emmett that we ran out of time to go see, so this year mom and I went to one of the festivals that are right here. We picked the one at Silver Fox Lavender Farm. They have there festival Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If I had thought about it I would have gone there yesterday. We are talking about going to River Ridge Lavender Festival tomorrow.

We met Mitzi who was there with Uschi. They were spinning away and selling yarn. Mom got a bunch of purple cotton yarn for weaving and got me some beautiful every color with lots of purple yarn for making something. (I don't know yet what I will make but it is after I finish 7891 other things.) They had all kinds of yarns, cotton, alpaca, synthetics, in glorious colors. Most of the yarn was in balls for $1.50. It looked like a ball of about 150 to 200 yards. They had some woven scarfs for sale and we found out that Mitzi has a store up in Sweet where she sells yarn on cones for weaving. We are so going to have to go up there and check it out. It is by appointment only but we can make an outing out of it when Ritza comes to visit.

We talked to the spinners for a long time and then went and got mom a strawberry lavender lemonade. They had lunch for sale but mom didn't want anything to eat. If you enlarge the photo of the people under the weeping willow you can see mom sitting there waiting for me.

Don't you just love the purple bench rocker? I need Thomas to com home and make one for me. I took the picture so that he would know exactly what I want. I will probably get it faster if I make it myself and I might do that this winter. It will look so good out by the pond.

Then we looked at all the neat lavender items for sale but mostly stuck with our shopping list. I got three plants and mom got two. Mine are all three munstead for culinary and mom got one munstead and one grosso. Then we got some culinary lavender (dried) for Ritza and some drier bags of lavender for me (okay that wasn't on the list). We didn't get the lavender soap powder, lavender sugar, lavender tea, lavender linen spray, lavender body lotion, and lots of things I don't remember.

Then I decided to make a lavender wreath for me. They are amazingly easy and yet take forever to do. Mine came out very well. Mother helped me make mine and then got two of her own. One is for her to keep and one is for Ritza (but don't tell her cause it is a surprise). I have included photos for your viewing pleasure. Mine is the one hanging and there is absolutely no need for you to point out the minute errors. I had a lot of fun making it even tho it took me over an hour. The two eyes are mom's two. She always was twice as good and twice as fast at crafty things.

Then there are the bundles of lavender. Mom bought her bundle already picked but the nice gal didn't have two more so I went out into the fields and labored away picking one bundle for me and one bundle for Ritza. I am supposed to be making wands out of those bundles even as we speak but instead I am taking a break for lunch and typing this. Oh and sitting under the fan and cooling off.

Tomorrow we will try to get to the River Ridge Lavender Festival on Thawed Dog Road. If you lived around here you would think that was hilarious. We have a Frozen Dog Road that has some kind of story about how it got it's name. The local B&B is Frozen Dog Digs on Frozen Dog Road. Anyway, tomorrow we might have to go to the other Lavender Festival just for the address.

Until then.

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trh said...

I thought about you guys out there having fun without us today. I'm glad you did . . . have fun that is. And I love the wreaths - they are even better than the wands. I sure wish I could have gone with you today. I stayed home and didn't do much of anything - at least not anything I should have done. I hope you go to another one tomorrow so I can think of you there while I do laundry and run errands.