Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Left out!

Because blogger has totally ruined the editor for posting and because it will no longer let you move pictures, these two pictures got left out of yesterday's post. Have I mentioned lately that I really HATE blogger's new editor? Anyway, these are the two new projects going on the needles today - you get to guess what they are going to be!!!


dmr said...

The light colored with matching fun fur is going to be a hedgehog for me.

The darker brown is going to be an alpaca amigurumi using the pattern at PlanetJune.

trh said...

The light colored fuzz is indeed going to be a hedgehog, but for a baby, not for you. I could make you one too, but I have 3 more to make and two other critters before I can.

The dark could be that alpaca if I knew how to crochet that well, but I don't, so it's going to be more helmet liners. These are going straight to the young man who is going to Afghanistan because he is a friend's son in law.

Maybe you should make me the alpaca and I should make you a hedgehog (but I think you might want to wait to see the other critters before you agree to that.)

dmr said...

I have been telling myself over and over that I don't need anymore yarn or books of patterns or patterns.
But since you asked so nicely, I MUST make you an alpaca, so I MUST buy the pattern, and I must buy more yarn. Okay, Okay, I have the yarn.