Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tatting Lesson

Next Tatting Tea Tuesday I want you to practice covering a cabone ring with ds. Here is your lesson on how to do just that.

Step 1. Get a cabone (or other) ring; a shuttle wound in thread Preferably with a point or hook

Step 2. Lay the ring OVER the thread leaving about 3" of tail. Use the left hand to hold the tail - don't let it get sucked through the ring.

Step 3. Use the point to pull the thread up through the center of the ring, make the loop big enough to pass the shuttle through.

Step 4. Pass the shuttle through the loop from bottom to top.

Step 5. Pull the tail end of cord to 'flip' the stitch. You need to pass the shuttle through the loop from top to bottom. This is easiest on the first stitch, after this you are working to the right of the last made stitch. Cause the stitch to go into and out the back of the ring. Then pull open the second part of the stitch, pulling this part open into a loop pulls the first have closed. Draw it up tight to the previous stitch or if you need a picot here, leave a gap.

Because learning tatting is easiest with a teacher sitting next to you and I am not sitting next to you, I have included a very poor quality video for your edification. I am not a good photographer, nor a decent video doer especially when I am videoing myself. But it is the best I could do under the circumstances.

If you can't make this video suffice, let me know and I will try to talk hubby into handling the camera. I did it many times and this was the best. Course most of the times the camera didn't turn on.

For beads in the center or a motif in the center, tat the motif first and add it in with joins through its picots, as you are ds around the ring.


Isdihara said...

Thanks for the tutorial on tatting over cabone rings. I have never yet mastered that technique.

I will check back on Tuesday to see what you are working on!

Thanks for joining in the Tatting Tea Tuesday fun! I am enjoying reading through all of your posts -- they inspire creativity!

trh said...

Yay Dena! That's a terrific video and so helpful. I can actually do double stitches on a ring now . . . but I still can't figure out this pattern -

Can you look at it and see if you can help me? It's possible that I just can't read the pattern.

trh said...

I did it! I have a lovely little motif to show you . . . tatted on a cabone ring. Thank you Dena for the video!!!