Monday, July 19, 2010

Knitting Monday

Finally finished the Irish sweater and really like how it turned out. The wooden button at the neck is not big enough and it won't stay buttoned, but I'll probably never button it when I wear it anyway. The only other thing that I'm not sure about is the length of the sleeves - I think they are just a tad too long. I can go back and shorten them anytime I feel like it tho, so I think I'll wait till I wear it in the cold over bigger clothes and see what I think. I can tell you for sure and certain that the wool is warm - way too warm to wear for photos on a 90+ degree day, even in the shade.

I got these really cute kitchen towels that sort of match Mom's and my crazy sheep mugs. I got the black and white cuz they go better with my kitchen. Aren't they cute? I got them at Needle Nook here in Atlanta.

This little purple box is just the right size for a couple of shuttles, little scissors, one of the cut off crochet hooks and a needle. It's flatish so it then fits in my purse and becomes my carry along tatting box. I bought one for Dena today. Hope she likes it.

When I went to Needle Nook the other day, I was looking for yarn to make a couple of Fiber Trends Hedgehogs for baby gifts. I didn't carry my pattern with me and so had to borrow a copy there - when I was getting it out of where she stores her patterns for sale, I found these two and they followed me home. Aren't they adorable? And yes, the yarn to make them also followed me home . . .

Hey Dena - Have you looked at this yet? We should talk about it . . . yes we should.

And finally - flowers to make you smile. First is passiflora belotii - one of my favorites because it smells divine. I'm afraid it's a little temperamental when it comes to rooting - sometimes it works but mostly it doesn't. And the Star Hibiscus (h. coccineus) which is native to Georgia. Mine is huge - if it was standing up it would be about 10' tall and they get taller than that out in the swamps. This one is in a pot in the pond, so it's limited - it's also out of the direct sun so it lays down to get closer to it. Blooms like crazy in July and August tho.

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Anonymous said...

I love your passion vine bloom, mine are a little more white. I lost all my seed for the star hibiscus. I have a non-bearing plant. Didn't bloom last year. Couldn't find any seed to buy. Maybe next year. Ruth Ann (Texas)