Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My house smells . . .

I got boxes today - lovely boxes that had lovely stuff in them. One of them was a little dented on the corner and so I worried a little about the contents, but everything was ok.

They were both full of nice smelly stuff. The flat box had this lovely lavender wreath in it. I took it out over a plastic box to catch all the lavender flower bits that fell off cuz those smell lovely too and I want to put them somewhere to smell nice. The other box had a big bunch of fresh cut lavendar (which somehow did not make it into any of the photos but is in the same box hopefully drying) and all these beautiful lavender wands. Somebody made me all these lavender wands and they smell divine!

Also in the second box was all this delicious smelling stuff!!! There is a lavender dryer bag that you put in the clothes dryer when you dry your delicates so they smell nice. There are two living lavender plants and I even found a nice sunny place to put them - just have to convince that man that lives her that it's a really good idea. There are 4 bags of culinary lavender for making cookies or lemonade or whatever with, a recipe and another bag of lavender sugar. I wonder what it would taste like in tea on Tatting Tea Tuesday? There is a little shimmery bag with a nice bar of lavender soap in it - so pretty. And it all smells so good. I'm soooo sorry I missed the lavender festivals this year.

And there were a couple of non lavender things in the box too! The Felted Crochet book which has some really nice projects in it and since their aunt taught both girls to crochet, well, maybe they will make me something! And the pedometer is for me. I have to figure out where to wear it so that it will calculate steps correctly - I always calibrate new pedometers before I trust the counts because some of the ones I've gotten have been pretty far off from the real count. I hope to have time to do that tomorrow - today was an errand running day, all day.

Oh man, my house smells . . . so very delightful!

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