Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stash Enhancement

As if I didn't already have enough yarn . . . I went to my favorite local yarn shop and got more!!!  Actually, some of this I bought last week, and some of it came from the local Michaels cuz the yarn shop doesn't have a great selection of fun fur.  I know novelty yarn fell out of vogue in the last few years but really, did that have to include fun fur too?  I love furry yarn for making little critters.  So, you can see the finished-but-not-felted penguin and hedgehog in the upper left corner and the in-progress penguin below them in the bowl, bag and on the floor.  Then on the right we have yarns for various and sundry other hedgehogs, owls and even another totoro.  And I don't think I posted a picture of the baby owl pattern I got - Miss S wants me to make her one before she goes off into the great wide world.  Gonna be great fun (fur)!!!

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