Saturday, July 24, 2010


Ok - I think we should run our tally from Sunday to Sunday. I'll play around and figure some way to post tallies. It might be that I'll just have to have you email them to me and I'll post them each week, but I'll figure something out. So plan to set all pedometers to zero before you go to bed tonight and start the counts first thing in the morning. Or maybe you think we should post more often than once a week?

Any questions or suggestions?

I'm still not having a lot of luck with the pedometer keeping the exact step count, but it's off by less than 10% and it's undercounting so it's ok. I also got another free one in the mail, so starting today, I'm going to use both of them and see which is closer. You can cute little green pedometer free from Nature's Bounty too - just go to their website and sign up for it and they'll mail you a free one. I think the offer says it takes several weeks, but it took less than two for me to get mine.

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dmr said...

Where did you decide to keep your pedometer?

Thanks for the link.