Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Birth Day Celebration

I left mom alone until noon so that all of her friends and relations could call and wish her happiest birthday. During that time I made her a dozen gluten free cupcakes. I called Teresa to get a second opinion on whether it should be a single layer cake or cupcakes. Teresa recommended cupcakes. I made a yellow cake with milk chocolate frosting. Looked quite yummy.

I had asked mom months ago where she would like to go and we had decided on Ruby Tuesdays. I had never been there and she hadn't been there in years. She used to go with Heather and Kathy. So while I was waiting I looked up the address. It wasn't in the phone book but that isn't unusual for here. So I looked it up online. The closest Ruby Tuesday was 217 miles away in Pocatello. That is a four hour drive with me behind the wheel. We needed to pick a different restaurant. We settled on TGI Friday which I have also never been to. Mom says that she went with Heather and Kathy all the time and it was very good.

We got to the restaurant and began with our dessert. Since it was a birthday party, I wanted to make sure we had enough room for dessert. We split a dessert then we split an entree. Mom opened her gifts from Teresa and I. We gave her a Nook so she would have lots of books. Mom had already opened her gifts from Heather and Kathy. Books. Books will always be a well received gift for mom.

After lunch we went to the Yarn Shop to turn in our helmet caps. Mom turned in 8, Teresa 2 and me 1. (My excuse is that the pain is so bad I can't even knit. And it is and I can't) I tried to get hold of Teresa cause I couldn't remember the name of the amigurumi book Teresa wanted. So I bought mom a knitting book for her birthday and I bought the same book for me for my birthday. We each got a copy of Knit prayer shawls cause we really liked the one called Sunny Days Ahead. You can see it on the front cover. We didn't get Teresa anything cause she didn't answer her phone.

Mom was pretty tired so we headed home for a nap. After our nap we went out to dinner but stayed here in Emmett. The restaurant we chose was ... well, neither of us would recommend it. Fred was still working so it was just the two of us. We were there 20 minutes before we got menus and put in our order for beverage. Another 30 minutes to put in our food order although the water and tea came rather quickly. Food came 29 minutes after we ordered. (Cousin Jimmy called just before we ordered and we discussed the time difference and what time was it here and there). The food was not worth eating much less worth the wait. Oh, well.

We headed home and mom was off to bed. I guess when you get ancient you just don't have the stamina to party all day and all night. I know I don't have the stamina.

So mom has had another birthday and she is . . .

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