Monday, August 2, 2010

Dear Alfie,

Dear Alfie,
I heard you went to the beach, but you didn't enjoy it. How can that
be? Didn't you know what to do at the beach? I'll tell you, cousin.
Going to the beach is the best! There's so much open space, perfect
for throwing tennis balls, if your people remember to bring one. If
not, you can chase the birds. All the sand is perfect for digging! I
love snorting the sand, but it makes me sneeze.
I bring my daddy with me to the beach. He likes the beach about as
much as I do! It's good father- dog bonding time.
It's so much fun, sometimes I don't want to go home! But when you get
too tired and hot, it's time to go home.
Have fun!

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Alf said...

Mom read me your letter. I saw the pictures.
Running after a tennis ball is lots of fun but not into the water or near the water or on a rocky beach. Maybe that is why I don't like beaches. All of the beaches that I have been on were rocks and not sand. Although I am not all that fond of rivers so maybe it is the water.
Fritz and I will go with you to your beach and see if we enjoy it if you will come with us to do our favorite activities.
Fritz's favorite activity is to go out into the pasture. When you get into the pasture you find a pile of poo to roll in. There is alpaca poo and you roll in the alpaca poo until you smell like alpaca. Then you find cow poo and roll in that. Then horse poo and roll in that. Then you run up and down the pasture with the horse herding the alpaca. That is funner than fun. Then you herd the cows but they are so stupid they usually run out into the road. Then you roll in poo some more.
Personally the most fun that I have is when I go out in the desert with mom. While she looks for whatever she is looking for I look for dead animals. You can find coyote, fox, cats, and sometimes bigger things like deer and cows. You eat as much as you can. Nothing is more fun than a desert hike. You might want to cut your hair a littler more tho cause the desert is full of sagebrush and antelope bitter brush and cheat grass and other stuff that gets caught in your hair and then isn't any fun getting it brushed out.
You can come here and do our favorite activities and then we will go there and do the beach thing with you.
See you soon!