Friday, August 6, 2010

Yesterday's Mail

Guess what came in yesterday's mail?

Why haven't I told you about it already?

Yesterday was Thursday and errand day. Since it was supposed to be a real scorcher Thursday and it was miserable hot Wednesday, Fred got us up early and he was mowing the lawn by 6.

Mom had a manicure appointment for 9 am, so we had an early start also. Mom chose a bright, cheerful green polish for this time and we thought we let her nails dry long enough. But maybe they could have used another 5 or 10 minutes.

On the way home we stopped by the donut shop to get my husband a bear claw and to get mom a treat. Wrong day to stop. It was just before ten thirty and they had sold out of just about everything. This is a locally owned and family run donut shop. They make donuts fresh each morning, have a bit of a breakfast menu, are a local guys coffee hangout. But when the donuts are gone, they are gone and the shop closes, otherwise they close at noon.

So we got the last glazed donut for Fred and a long bar donut for mom and headed home. Mom said she was tired and wanted a nap.

I went out geocaching and ended up climbing to the top of steep bluffs covered in sagebrush and cheatgrass. For those of you not familiar with our local nasty invasive weed cheatgrass, it is nasty stuff that has an oil that makes it burn fast and furious, has a seed head that burrows into everything including the skin, and mouths and hooves of animals causing an infected sore. And it is slicker than greased lightening. So after or more usually while climbing these steep hills, I slid down them on my butt or back or sometimes even my front.

After climbing up 6 hills and sliding down multiple times, it got to be too hot to play that game so I grabbed lunch and headed home. It took the rest of the afternoon to get the cheatgrass heads out of my clothing and the car. This is NOT something I want on our property. My husband did talk to me the entire 2 hours about how unsafe my activity was and how much cheatgrass I was bringing home.

I had a meeting I needed to attend so scooted out at 5:30 and wasn't back until 8. I grabbed a very late supper and was sitting down to eat it when my husband says (very excitedly) 'Didn't you see it, didn't you see your package, Your package came, the one you have been waiting for, they're here, aren't you going to open it up"

And sure enough, the package came in the mail. There is only one package that could generate that much excitement. It had a customs sticker on it and a sticker saying "Royal Mail". That all adds up to only one thing. THEY ARE HERE.

But I didn't open it up. How could I when Ritza was fast asleep and couldn't enjoy it with me.
Plus she needs to chose which ones she will get.

Let's call her and let her know. RITZA!


Isdihara said...

How exciting to get a ROYAL MAIL package full of tatting treasure!

I am quite curious about the YEW shuttle. Please do post about how you like it and the others.

Waiting breathlessly...

trh said...

Yes, I'm here! We can open it!! I'm ready to try one - oh wait, they are on the other side of the country . . . bummer. Well, I want the post one with the gulf fritillary on it. (Ok, I know it's not really a frit, but it's close and I have plenty of the real ones here.) I'll send you the banyek bobbin shuttle and the huke shuttle in the next box.

Thanks for giving up your sleep and ordering those for us!