Monday, August 2, 2010

Mom's Purple Hat

Because mom is a Red Hatter - I said Red not mad - she needs a purple hat for August.

The Red Hats wear red hats and purple outfits unless it is their birthday month and then they wear red outfits and purple hats. So very simple you see.

But, all of mom's purple hats are some where else and not here. We looked but didn't really find a nice purple hat for mom to wear. We were able to find a lavender baseball cap but mom really isn't the baseball cap kind of gal. But it was the best we could do.

I found a great pattern by Jenny King for a felted hat with a cute brim and fuzzy trim. I know that you can make a pattern up in any color but she had made her had in purple with purple and red trim - almost as if it was meant for a Red Hat. And so I decided that I would make it for mom as a surprise.

Since this owas on Thursday and was shopping day any way, off we took. Since the pattern called for a feltable wool and a contrasting mohair, we decided to go to The White House yarn shop. As we drive up a lady is locking up the store and getting in her car. Yes the store was closed. We ended up going to JoAnn Fabrics and getting some nice Paton's wool and fun fur in both purple and red. I crocheted my little fingers to the bone and got the hat made. I wore it over to show mom. She had that look on her face that mom's get when a small child has made them something lovely that they will have to ooh and ah over and to wear in public but inside they are shuddering in horror.

I did felt it and take it over and I like it better but decided to redo the hat without as much trim detail. And more brim.

My husband absolutely loved it before it was felted and not so much after.

So here are purple hat one and purple hat two. Mother does have the purple baseball cap that we found and bought for her. With all of those choices, who knows what she wore out the door. But today (Monday) was the first Red Hat meeting for August.

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