Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Water Lillies Again

It is so much fun to walk across the bridge and through the woods to mom's house because someone put water lilies along side the bridge. And they are blooming and blooming.

This time we have a purple and two whites PLUS a pretty pink one. The pink one is one of the tropicals that Craig sent this year.

Although you probably can't see them the oval tank has two goldfish in it while the round one has one of those black bubbly eyed goldfish. The other two ponds each have two gold and a black. I am thinking that the round tank needs another fish. Can goldfish have babies in these ponds?

I was actually trying for mosquito fish but the only pet store in town was out of them or isn't carrying them anymore. I know that the black goldfish isn't the same as a black koi for bringing luck to your pond but she didn't have any koi at all. Plus my ponds are neither large enough nor aerated enough to support koi.

But I have gorgeous water lilies to look at each time I cross over the bridge and through the woods to mother's house.

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trh said...

So, the tropicals except the purple are all in the barrel? Are you going to try to overwinter them again. I love the purple one.