Sunday, August 22, 2010

What it looks like and this and that . . .

Fitting posts in between all the comings and goings of company hasn't been easy.  Sure is a good thing I figured out how to pop a picture up with my iPhone.  Here are some catch up bits and pieces and tomorrow there should be some new stuff for Knitting Monday.

First, what the hair ended up looking like.  It looks really great.  Chris put some red highlights, some light blond highlights and two shades between the blond and her regular color - so there are lots of different colors in there and it makes it look really good.  Miss S didn't go too terribly short this time, and I like the cut a lot.  She looks great in really short hair, but I like it just a little longer on her than she does.  

Uncle Mike arrived the night before Jon and Jen left and he's still here.  He's trying to get a work visa so he can go back to Istanbul and work, but it takes a lot of bureaucracy manipulation to get one and so we don't know how long he's staying.  We hope it's a long time . . .

Miss S and I have been very busy trying to get everything she's going to need for college sorted out and packed.  Problem is neither of us really knows what she's going to need or want.  We're just doing the best we can.  We make lots of trips to various stores getting this and that and then we come home and try to fit it into the boxes and bags we are planning to take.  She'll probably get there and only need a quarter of what she's got and need a gazillion things she doesn't have.  

And, for Dena, here is a picture of a gulf fritillary on the lantana in my back yard.
And some of the passion flowers that drew him/her and all their friends here in the first place.

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