Sunday, August 1, 2010


It was Tuesday evening when I got an email from Ritza with a link to a post on Jane Eborall that said the pop-a-bobbins were going to be put in her etsy shop the next morning at 0845 England time zone. Since that was 0345 Ritza time she wondered if there might be any left when she woke up. I sent her back an email that simply said "call me". Less than 4 minutes later she called me.

Well it seems she was calling about something else and hadn't gotten my email. She wanted to talk about some emails she had sent me that I hadn't gotten yet. The modern age of communications. Do you remember when people had to send letters and wait for an answer? Of course mother remembers the days of the Pony Express when letters went very rapidly from coast to coast. (Just checking to see if mom is reading the posts all the way through.)

I offered to sacrifice myself by staying up and ordering the shuttles as it would only be 0145 my time. I did stay up and I did get us not only a pop-a-bobbin shuttle each but a post shuttle each.
More better pictures when they come and we decide who gets what (but I betcha Ritza gets the post with the gulf fritillary butterfly on it cause she grows those on her passion flowers and the rosewood cause she loves dark woods). Of course she might want a different shuttle - we will all just have to wait until they get here. They have been mailed already and we will do a count down until they arrive - at my house.

While I was trying to stay awake I went to Georgia Seitz Tatting Lesson page and did lesson 0, meet and greet where I practiced getting ready to tat and then I started lesson 1.

I did the rings and I got 4 Doves done although I prefer to think of them as bluebirds of happiness. Yes I know there are only three in the photo - one flew away. They were sitting on the table waiting for the camera and the overhead fan was on. It literally flew away and I can't find it. And it was the one without any mistakes - I am sure of it.

I didn't finish the lesson yet because I was only halfway through the Butterfly and it was time to buy shuttles. As soon as I had the shuttles it was off to bed for this girl.

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trh said...

Second, when I get home I want to try to schedule a time when we can get together and do the tatting lessons together. Well, at least do them at the same time and maybe be on chat while we do it. I can do either voice or video chat but not both unless I get a new video card, but I would do that if you wanted to play. Mom might enjoy the chat part of it too.