Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tatting Tea Tuesday

First a little tatting that I've completed recently.  Some of it I cannot show you as it's on it's way to you - let me know when it gets there so I can post the pictures.  I found this terrific pattern - The Seahorse Dragon.  The pattern is by Anne Bruvold based on a seahorse that Debbie Arnold of DS9Designs created.  I thought it was really cute and I had this lovely size 10 hand dyed thread, dyed by Yarnplayer in the Aqua Bay colorway.  The thread was perfect for the pattern and had been waiting for the perfect pattern to come along.
Lovely, isn't it?

I'm working on Anne's Dragon Wing Doily now, but it's going slowly.  It's not going slowly because the pattern is difficult, because it isn't.  It's not going slowly because I've been knitting, because I haven't.  It's going slowly because I've been so crazy busy lately.  I did get to tat a little today . . . while I was waiting in the  lobby of the transmission shop for them to tell me that even though my transmission is very broken they won't work on it.  They won't work on it because my car is barely 3 years old and has low mileage and wasn't cheap to start with and so, in their opinion, it should not be broken and should not need fixing.  In the transmission shop's opinion, the dealership or the manufacturer should fix it for next to nothing because it has to be their fault.  That doesn't help me get ready for a seven hour road trip in the morning.  Anyway, here's what I got done while waiting for them to look at my car (and they didn't charge me anything, by the way).

And this bit is really exciting!  Miss S has been making molds and pouring pewter for a couple of years now.  She made a cute cat head shuttle for herself and I talked her into making a Lady Hoare shuttle for me (actually two).  It's very nice because the pewter warms up quickly in your hands and it holds quite a bit of thread.  I haven't done a lot of tatting with it yet, but I'm going to if I get to go on my road trip tomorrow.
And last a picture of some little critters on their way to the first stop on the trip to their new homes . . .

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Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

Oh, I do like those pewter tatting shuttles! Not only are the pretty, they have blue thread on them! You have a very talented daughter!