Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tatting (no) Tea Tuesday

Gorgeous down here! Tatting is easier at the pool and beach than
knitting, especially knitting with wool. I've been working on the
Spinning Wheel Glass Mat from Tatting with Visual Patterns by Mary
Konior. It would be finished if I didn't keep making huge mistakes
and having to undo. I'm getting pretty good at opening rings, but you
can see the extra ends where I broke the thread trying to open a
ring. And I just want to say that this thread is not orange at all,
it is a really pretty red and a deep burgundy. Throwing in some
pretty pictures and the cutest dog for your veiwing pleasure.

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dmr said...

We started our day by leaving the house at 9 am so no time for tatting before we began our errands. We did a doctor's appointment (to see if we were fit and we weren't), followed by a quick run to check our numbers and see if we won Lucky Number Tuesday (and we didn't), followed by a 3 hour perm at the beauty parlor. We then had a bit of a nosh (it was already after 2 before we left the beauty shop), swing by the bank and then a (not so) quick run to the grocery. That left us both exhausted and out of time for tatting. By the time we got home it was time to start making supper.
There is always next week.