Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

The Good:

This is the native pink swamp mallow that I grew from seed.  At least I think it is, Craig also sent me a pink swamp mallow and until they both bloom, I can't remember which was which.  Anyway, I love these guys cuz they are bloomin' fools.  

The Bad:

I have only one tiny little tomato on all 15 of my galapagos tomatoes.  And worse than that, both the tomatoes and the peppers got hit by tomato hornworms.  I had to pull them all off because Miss S couldn't touch them. And then, I had her toss them in the trash can so they couldn't get back on the plants.  She did that and put away the bucket, etc.  A few minutes later, she goes over to her tomato plant (which did not get hit) and picks up the branches we cut off.  These she takes over and puts in the trash can with the worms so they'll at least have something to eat.  I said "Did you just put that in there to feed them?"  She said "By tomorrow I will forget they are there and not have to worry about it, but today they are still alive."  
Her ornamental pepper also had about 6 on it - it's not too happy with the heat today.  

The Ugly:

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