Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Family and Geocaching

First, here are four of your grandkids Mom.  They met, they ate, they enjoyed each other's company.  Don't they look like they are having fun?  It was very nice and especially after all this time.  They are really nice young people - you should be proud.  I know I am.

Dena, this one still seems to have the same problem with the growth on his face.  Really, don't you think you should take him to the doctor (maybe the psychiatrist) about it?

Then later in the afternoon, while we were waiting on someone to have a guitar lesson, we went and found a geocache.  Here is Jon training his first official geocache hunting dog . . . she wasn't so thrilled with the idea.
This little guy came out of the geocache - he had to because otherwise we couldn't fit the travelbug in it.  He was very relieved to be out and about with his own kind instead of locked up in a plastic box with cars and rulers and ducks.  Isn't he cute?
And finally, some hibiscus from the pond.  There is a reason I have so many of these plants . . . just love those flowers!

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