Thursday, September 2, 2010

Busy Thursday

No knitting, no pictures but busy all the same.

Mom went and got her manicure. The Most Gorgeous Purple you ever saw. I guess I really need to post a picture of that. The nails are magnificent.

Then we went home and got my packages ready to mail. We grabbed my packages and mom's packages and off we went to the post office. We thought about Ritza's trips to the post office and felt sorry for her. I had the packages and mom had the money so she went through the door ahead of me and I said just get in line and I will be right behind you. Well, she couldn't find the line. Cause there isn't any.

There two gals there both opened their lines to wait on us cause they thought we were separate but we weren't. I had a package for Tom in a priority mail box but not flat rate so I had them weigh it to see if it would be cheaper in a flat rate. Mom asked what would I do if it was cheaper. And both gals said at once, "re package it". They have repackaged stuff either into or out of flat rate depending on what was least expensive. And they will do or will help with the repackaging.

I am pretty sure Ritza's post office doesn't do that.

We got our boxes weighed and mailed to the four corners of the US. We sent one to San Antonio Texas for some birthday boys, one to Alaska to my boy just cause he might be lonely, one to Atlanta Georgia cause mom likes her best and one to someone in Norfolk Virginia but, shush, she doesn't know it is coming.

Now we are back home and making cookies for the next set of boxes. Wonder who will get them.

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