Friday, September 17, 2010

Another Hint

This is still the current project.  Just another hint showing the progress to date.  Can you guess yet?

This is my lovely new Jane Eborall tatting bag.  I always try to carry a shuttle and some thread in my purse even when I can't take my knitting with me.  There are very few places I don't take knitting and very few times I don't knit when I go somewhere, but just in case I don't feel like I can, if I have a tiny bag of tatting, I can still be prepared.  The small bag I had been using had an open top and things kept falling out of it (but it was a seriously cool bag - the little skull bag from this post.  I was doing great carrying my tatting in the little purple box, but then I started using the lizbeth thread and the balls were much bigger than the balls of the cheap thread and they didn't fit in the box.  So, I saw this on Jane's Etsy Site and fell in love with it (there's gold sparkle that doesn't show up in the picture) so I bought it for myself.  I couldn't afford it and shouldn't have bought it after buying books and hand dyed thread and everything else, but . . . well . . . you know how it is!   Anyway, the bag is about 6" long and 3" in diameter so it will fit two nice lizbeth balls, a couple of shuttles, a crochet hook, tiny scissors, needle in case and still have room for whatever two projects I'm working on (only one right now).  Best of all, it fits in my purse nicely.

This is the purple and purple variegated size 40 lizbeth thread I bought to try to make a motif for the Epoxy shuttles (Tatted Shuttles or Tatinlay Shuttles)  that Chris Hinton of The Shuttle Shop is now making.  I think they are going to be so cool and I'm definitely going to get myself one or two or maybe even three . . . He's also invented a shuttle that has it's own built in winder . . . it's seriously cool.  He has pictures and reviews of it on his forums, so go check it out.  I've already ordered mine and am just waiting on delivery.
This is some variegated lizbeth that has black in it and some black lizbeth that I'm going to use to make something with an outline.  It's going to be a surprise because I don't know if it will work or not.  I also have a couple more things going, but nothing to show right now.  Maybe tomorrow.
So, since I managed to get through an entire post without showing you anything really, here are some pics from the garden.  First a nice new leaf on the Milky Way Taro - I love the amount of white on this leaf and the darkness of the green.  It hadn't completely unrolled yet but I wanted to get a picture before it started to burn (it will because it gets more sun than it wants) so I held it open.  Pretty hunh?  And another passie bloomed - I'm not sure if it's one of the Kermensina seedlings or if it's Jeanette.  I want to think Jeanette because of the proximity of the bloom to the Jeanette pot and because the Kermensina seedling blooms to date have not been this big, but without tracing the vine back to the pot, it's hard to say.  Usually Jeanette has more white petals and kermensina has more deep blue corona filaments.  Either way, it's pretty.

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