Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Decisions have been made

Ok, so Miss S and I discussed and perused and discussed some more and checked Ravelry and finally came up with the final mitten and hat patterns last night.  I've spent the last hour (ok, maybe more like two and a half) putting the charts into my Intwined and playing with the colors.  I am now ready to get the yarn and needles, and start a gauge swatch.

Here is the hat she picked:
I like it much better than the one with the bobbles.  I'm afraid that I just don't believe that bobbles belong on a hat (well, maybe a hat for a really little kid, but Miss S is not really little).  If you look closely, you'll see that part of the design is a backwards S (look near the top, the red pattern on the black background).  There is actually another backward S below that in the yellow, but it's hard to see in this picture.  I decided that they should not be backwards so I turned them around and adjusted the pattern ever so slightly to make them fit.  Hmmm, Maybe I should have made the second S, the yellow one, into an F?

The hand part of the mittens will be from this pattern.  The part of the pattern that is pink on the mittens in this picture will be black on my mittens.  The background will be stripes of the three other colors we are using.  (Red, Yellow and Blue)

The cuffs will be these cuffs but with black where the brown is and our three colors as the stripes - in the same order that I'm putting them on the body of the mitts.  And, just in case you don't recall, here is a picture of the yarn we are using.  These are going to be some bright and colorful accessories!!!
If there is enough left over yarn, I might make a stranded colorwork scarf for Miss S - using the same patterns that are in the hat and mittens rotated throughout the scarf.  That is, of course, if I still feel like doing colorwork after I knit the mittens and hat.

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