Friday, September 10, 2010


I have finally got my mojo back and have been accomplishing things.  It's so nice to be back at it.  I finished the sweater for Miss S - it's not cold where she is yet, but it will be soon and this lovely Irish wool will be warm and cozy when it's chill up there.  It still needs to be washed, as does mine, but it's finished and the ends worked in.  I have to find some buttons for it.  I bought one for mine but I can't find it and the one inch button that's currently on it isn't going to work.  I'm hoping that the girl will have someone take pictures of her in the sweater so I can see how it fits.  I think it's going to be a bit big, but I'm expecting it to be outerwear over other cool weather clothing, so it needs to be.  Here are the two of them together - hers and mine.

And in other news, my Night Blooming Cereus is about to bloom.  I found the buds late yesterday afternoon and I think they are going to open tonight.  It would have been really nice if they had not decided to both open on the same night, but it looks like both will pop tonight.  I'm going to try really hard to get some good pictures of it opening and open.  Wish me luck because it's another white flower and my photography will be lighting challenged.

I spent most of today trying to figure out why I couldn't get signal from the wireless upstairs.  I bought a newer, stronger router yesterday and hooked it up.  Then I tried to get the old router (which is only 2 months old) to be a booster and help improve the signal but apparently you can't do that (even tho they told me that you can).  As I understand it the problem is that the router is tied to my computer because it has no wireless and has to be plugged in via ethernet cable and the router is too far away from the other computers.  So I hung the router - not in effigy, in reality - and it seems to help.  Here's what you do with bad routers:
And, just because we need some tatting and gardening to make this complete - here are two pictures that were supposed to get posted yesterday.  The first is the last of the tatting books that Diane (Lace Lovin' Librarian) sent to me.  This one is one that Miss M has taken and has been oggling and planning to work out of and that's great cuz it was sent just for her.  And the last picture is one of the lily pads on my vic - you know those huge pads they used to picture little kids on?  Mine's not that big, but the new leaf is really cool.

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Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

I'm so glad Miss M likes the book! I love the lily pad. Wouldn't it look great as a tatted piece