Monday, September 20, 2010

A Hint and Some Decisions

First, here is one more hint in the ongoing mystery.  Miss S you are going to have to start guessing . . . or I'm keeping everything.

Now it's time for some decisions.  Here is the yarn.  The yarn is meant to be made into a hat and some mittens.  There will be plenty left over and that might become a scarf to keep a neck warm.  But first, someone has to decide what the hat and mittens should look like.  Yes, we did that already but nobody marked which ones were chosen and I'm not sure I still like the ones I liked many months ago when this project got added to the queue, so maybe other people have changed their minds too.
This was the hat originally chosen.  It's got what looks like nupps or bubbles on it and it's only three colors.  It's not for me, but I'm not sure I like this one anymore.  Somebody made this exact hat on Ravelry and you can go see it here.  I'm posting pictures of more of the pictures of hats from the book - 45 Fine & Fanciful Hats to Knit by Anna Zilboorg.  You can also go look at the patterns and pictures of projects made from this book in Ravelry if you want.

The Cones:

The Egyptian Hats:

A couple of Onion Domes that I thought would work well with our yarn:

Now, on to the mittens.  Those were from the book Magnificent Mittens and Socks again by Anna Zilboorg. You can visit the patterns and projects page for that book on Ravelry too.  I know we were going to use the cuff from one pattern and the hand from another but I can't remember which patterns we had chosen.  I think this first pattern is the cuff we picked:
I like these mittens entirely and would be happy making them as they are with our chosen colors.  But here is another one that I also like a lot:
And here are some more that I like or like bits of:
And here is a pair with a separation between the forefinger and the rest of the fingers - in case you need to point at someone:
And, if you prefer not to have the big cuff that goes over the bottom of your jacket sleeve, here's a pair without it.  We can always make any of these without the cuff if you want.
So, take a gander at these and let me know what you think.  Take a look at how the completed projects look on Ravelry too because sometimes that is different from the photos in the book.


Gina said...

I'm clueless!

rsf said...

A hat? And I'm not just guessing that because there're hats in this post.

umintsuru said...

I love all those mittens especially with the cuffs. which one did you choose in the end?
P/S Thanks for visiting my blog and the lovely comments you left.