Monday, September 27, 2010

Tatting Thread

So Girl Far From Home was working on one of Mary Konior's tatted collars from Tatting with Visual Patterns.  She was bravely using some green in size 80 that we inherited from an elderly lady's stash.  It seems that each time the girl would get a bit done, she'd go to tighten a ring and the thread would snap.  I suggested that it might be because the thread was size 80 or it might be because the thread is old.  I offered to purchase some green in size 20 to replace the troublesome thread.  I knew that Lizbeth size 20 thread is available in a couple of stores locally so I went on a hunt.  Here are the greens that were available locally - none is even close to the green she had, but maybe she'll like one of these?  Or we can get some online in either size 20 or size 40.  (These greens are left to right - 684 Leaf Green Medium, 152 Christmas Green Mix and 683 Leaf Green Light).
I also found this pair of threads - the color of the turqoise thread is just a bit greener in real life making this look like Girl Far From Home's favorite pink and green color combo.    (These are 107 Tropical Fruit and 688 Seagreen Dark).
And then I saw this lovely bluish turqoise and the variegated pinks with turquoise.  I fell in love and they followed me home.  (These are 130 Island Breeze and 663 Bright Turquoise Dark).

(If you are unsure of the accuracy of my photos, check the Handy Hands Tatting website for their color chart.)

Now Off to Tat my shuttle motifs!!!


Lace-lovin' Librarian - Diane said...

The colors are all beautiful! I've been having fun playing with my stash. It seems like if I don't have something in mind, I have too much of a color. If I do have something in mind, I don't have enough... and so, my stash keeps growing!

Gina said...

I'd guess the size 80 is aging and brittle. I have newer size 80 (within the last 5 years) and it seems strong but older ones I have do tend to snap. I'm not a tight tatter so I'm pretty sure it's the thread. You sure are doing a lot for the girl. I would too - mine lived at home the first few years and even later when they moved out, they were attending the university I worked at so I saw them on a regular basis. Goodies from home help with the transition.

rsf said...

I guess I like the Leaf Green Md, but I like the Spring Green best...