Saturday, January 21, 2012

Taming Tatting Shuttles?

Since my shuttle collection is increasing, I had to find a new place to keep it.  It was just November when I put them all in a tackle logic case (see it here).  The thing that worried me about it was the soft sides and the fact that it was getting overstuffed.  I was afraid some of my shuttles would get squished and break - especially the wood and ceramic ones.  So I looked online and in stores and here and there.  I found this little goodie in Target.

The individual bins come apart and the bottom one has these two little dividers with individual compartments in them.  Each of the two has it's own lid.  I bought one set of the Medium size snap ware and then looked online for additional divided compartments.  It seems that they do make them and Joann's used to carry them but I couldn't find anywhere that currently carries them.  I emailed the manufacturer and they never answered me so I just went back to Target and bought another full set thinking that I could use the storage elsewhere.

I figured out that if I put one of the divided compartment things in any box then the other half is just a bigger compartment.  Since I have tons of unblinded sew mate and clover shuttles, they can all go in one large compartment.  So can all those old metal ones with bobbins (except the one that was Mom's) and there are two wooden shuttles that are too big for the smaller compartments - the ends don't close so I don't use them much anyway.

One tub without compartments is perfect for the tatting in progress and upcoming project thread.

And then, since I had all the extra tubs, I put some of the thread that I think I will be using soon (or that I had planned to use around Christmas) in a tub.  They will really hold quite a bit - this one would hold more if the balls weren't in their bags and were placed in neat rows and columns.

The cool thing is that since this is snap ware, I can snap as many or as few as I want or need together.  If we are going to the beach, I can take the work-in-progress, extra thread and one or more of the extra shuttle tubs, snap them together and head on out the door!

And the work-in-progress tub fits nicely down the side of my knitting bag so it can go along with me in case I decide 
I'd Rather Be Tatting!



Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Now I'm afraid to go to Target... I might wind up buying some storage bins! : )

Jane Eborall said...

Don't mention Target. I WISH we had them in the UK. I love Target.

Sunela said...

I think I should start buying Target stocks before everyone heads over there including me. Very nice idea. Thanks for sharing.

Val said...

that's cool storage esp for shuttles. now i gotta start looking for similar ones. don't think i've seen target here.

Michelle said...

You are one clever lady!!

❦TattingChic said...

That looks like an awesome way to store your tatting shuttles and WIP!

Gina said...

A true addict! sigh.......have you noted John's 12 step program? I think it's actually how to feed the addiction,not cure it.

Bonnie said...

How neat is that, wish we had a Target here... :-)

connie said...

Oh dear I suppose you wouldn't be interested to find out that you can buy those little dividers separately. I also use the snapware bins and just came across the dividers in my local corningware outlet store.