Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Happy New Year to all our Friends and Family and all our blogging friends!

Girl Far From Home's birthday cyclamen is blooming - Mom used to love cyclamens so this photo is for her.  (I love them too.)

Got up this morning and came down to the kitchen to find Dad making a New Year's Breakfast Feast for everyone.  Yum!

Along with a new year, we get a new craft.  Girl Far From Home picked out these fabrics when she went to the fabric store with me to get thread (just thread, didn't need more fabric).

She wanted me to make these for her.  The one is flat and the other is Almost but Not Quite an origami bag.  She already stole the first origami bag, this she wanted to hold something else.  It was actually easier to make because it didn't need a drawstring or the channel it goes in.

Shortly after she snatched the first origami bag, she bought herself a new bible.  Unfortunately, her new bible has a paper cover that isn't very sturdy so she wanted to protect it.  It almost fit in the origami bag and she thought a similar cover would be perfect.  So we made one - you can see the points are spread way out on the bottom of the bag because we made the interior pocket bigger.  The flat piece is a bookmark we made out of the edges we cut to square the fabric.

She sides the bible into the center pocket (which fits perfectly) . . . 

folds the first flap behind the bible . . . 

and then snaps the second flap down.  She can see both the fabrics she loved, her bible is protected and she can keep a pad of paper and a pen in the pocket created by the triangles.

This one is so much neater than the first one.  Hopefully the next one will be even better!


Lace-lovin' Librarian ~ Diane said...

Happy New Year! What a great idea for a Bible cover!

umintsuru said...

Happy New Year, Teresa.