Wednesday, January 18, 2012


This is my first attempt at the Butterfly Heart from Frivole's diagram.  I was doing just fine but I got used to tatting the joining picots small for later joins and just carried that on to the second side where I actually needed to be joining them as I tatted them.  So the second side is laying nicely in the scan but those rings are not actually joined to each other.  I also ran out of thread on the B shuttle - but now I know how much I need to put on each shuttle.

The really exciting news here though is that my darling daughter - That Other Girl, the techie daughter - has managed something nobody else has been able to manage.  She got the scanner that Mom gave me several years ago to work on the old Dell computer (the nine year old computer that I replaced with a Mac but still hold onto because there are things it will do that no other computer will do).  Even Crazy Cousin Jon tried to hook up the scanner and couldn't get it to work.

So now I can scan my tatting!!!  Seriously cool.  Of course, the scanner doesn't work well, and there are NO bells and whistles - you get what you get.  But I have a scanner.  (I might have to consider buying a newer model that actually works and has options.)  Right now I think I'm going to go load my pretty new shuttles with some more pink thread and try this heart again!


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