Friday, September 24, 2010

Geography Class-The Mystery Revealed!

This is my favorite building on campus. It's Botetout Hall. On the first floor is security and the Post Office. I visit this floor daily, looking for packages. Packages are so exciting! And on the second floor is the dance studios, where I go for dance class. I love dance class! It's so challenging and rewarding. And it looks like there's something on the railing of the second floor. What's that?

Sure enough, there's something there... What is it? Wait, I'm going to go follow them.

They walked over to the Spring House were they slowed their hurried pace to see the fish. I just caught up to them before they sped away again. Man, they can walk really fast for such short things!

I caught up again as they sat on the railing in Beele Garden, back behind DuPont Church. They weren't moving at all, so I tried to creep up on them. I must have stepped on a twig or something, because as I got close, they jumped off the railing and sped away. Those little guys can really run!
They got away to somewhere in the Garden, but I couldn't find them, so I gave up.

As I was walking to the library, I heard them chittering at each other and spied on them from behind a bench. They were so loud that I thought I might could sneak up on them if I was quiet.
I did! I had to grab them, and they tried to fight me off with their walking sticks, but when I got them, I explained that I just wanted to see them. I think I might've convinced them. They introduced themselves as the No-Home Gnomes, and I told them they were welcome to stay with me, if they wanted.
As we walked back to Randolph Hall, we three all told about ourselves, and they seemed very interested in college and staying in a dorm room.

I showed them the room, and they liked it.

Yeah! That's geography for you!

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Gina said...

What delightful new friends you have!