Sunday, September 12, 2010

Night Blooming Cereus

It finally got buds . . . two of them.  I really hoped that they would open on different nights, but that was not to be.

Close up of the bud.

Flower just beginning to open.

An hour later, it's almost open.

And an hour later it is all the way open and the fragrance is overwhelming.

Another shot for good measure.  These things are gorgeous.

And the sad and unfragrant remains in the morning.


Isdihara said...

Wow, it is so sad to see the spent blooms after a night of such incredible fragrance and beauty.

But thanks so much for diligently snapping those gorgeous photos for us to enjoy!

I have really enjoyed the build-up to this momentous evening.

umintsuru said...

Thank you for the lovely photos. My mother had this in her garden and when it bloomed, it meant we could stay up to watch the blooms. It was those rare ocassions.

Robin said...

It looks like you should be hearing "Feed me, Seymour!"