Thursday, October 15, 2009

Non-Club Club

So I really liked one of the Oddish Creations samples I got in an early Phat Fiber box . . . . and I stalked her store until I found something I liked. A couple of months ago she offered a Non-Club fiber club - it was just a one time only deal, not a you-get-something each month for 3 or 6 months. It was two custom dyed hanks of sock yarn (or lace), a bag and miscellaneous other goodies. Mine came, but I've been to busy to show you what I got - still don't have pics of everything. I told her I liked jewel tones and she sent lovely purple and jade yarns - the colors in these pics are so not right, but I couldn't get it to come out better. The yarn is incredibly soft and squishy and I'm thinking that I probably won't make both into socks.

And this is the project bag I got - can I tell you how much I love it? It's just the right size for a pair of socks and it's perfect to ride along in the car. It's square with an open top, so it sits where I put it and holds the balls of yarn so they don't run around. It keeps them clean in the car (not the cleanest place in the world) and I can just toss the socks & needles in on top of them. The handles are just the right length for both carrying and sitting. Most of all I absolutely love the skull fabric - perfect for this time of year, but cute always. Heck, even Steve liked it!
This really cute (and useful) bag came from HeidiMonkey on Etsy. She doesn't have any of them listed right now, but I'm sure she'll make more.

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