Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dog Days

It's cold and dreary here. We've had rain (again) for the last couple of days and today it's suddenly gotten pretty cold. I really hope there is no threat of frost tonight because it's too yucky to bring the plants into the greenhouse.

So, we dressed Casey up in her new Halloween cosume. She's going to be a Hot Dog (get it? Hot Dog!!!!) She actually doesn't seem to really hate this costume like she has hated everything else anyone ever put on her. I won't pretend she likes it even if my children are pretending that she does, but she doesn't try to chew it off. It needs some minor adjustments to improve the fit, but it will keep her warm when we go trick or treating!

And this is my new Casey necklace. There was an arts festival at the park near the girls' school last weekend and Miss M and I went. We found a terrific booth where they had mindbender type puzzles - Creative Crafthouse. We bought several many of them and have been having fun figuring them out since. Oddly, there is one that Miss S can do in about ten seconds but Miss M and I have much more trouble with it and there is another one that I can do in no time that Miss S hasn't conquered yet. Guess our brains must be wired differently.
While we were at the craft fair, I found a booth where they had all kinds of animal things - necklaces, earings, clocks, etc. They had the cutest Elephant necklace and the trunk held your glasses. I love necklaces that hold my glasses, but since I now seem to need them all the time, I don't need anymore of those. They also had this dog necklace (and matching earings but I was forbidden to buy those) that looked just like my little Casey. So I bought it in spite of the admonitions regarding how I shouldn't because of how much it cost. The little body is made in two parts and they move independently of each other - the head also turns and moves. Cute isn't it?

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