Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Today's Doins . . . .

So, it's still rainy and getting colder here - not nearly as much fun to be outside. I'm still working on the Bearfoot socks for Miss M and the Black Back Attack for Miss S but slowly. The Ishbel Shawl that I am knitting out of handspun is where it was two weeks ago. Yes, I finished spinning the bump that Dena gave back, and yes, I started knitting with it. Then I decided that I'd spun it too thick and ripped all that I had knit. I rewound the ball with the outside in and the other end seemed to be a bit thinner so I should have begun again with it, but haven't. I will and it won't take long to finish.

I've also been spinning. I finished spinning the 8 ounces of Earthy Rainbow from Fiber Fancy. I two plyed it and came up with a little less than 300 yards of fingering weight (about) yarn. I think it's going to be someone's Christmas Present - what do you think?

And I finished spinning the Mardi Gras BFL roving from Alaskan Sass but haven't plyed it yet. It was lovely to spin - and the colors are also lovely. The girls suggested that I navaho ply it to maintain the colors and I think they are right. I'm going to let it sit on the spool for a few days before I ply it.

So now I'm working on this lovely 8 ounces of blue & white superwash that Mom bought for me at Puffy Mondaes. It's different from any other prepared fiber I've gotten. It's not roving and it's not top - not sure exactly what it is. But it spins nicely and looks like old denim when it's spun. I really like the color. I'm spinning it fine so I can 3 ply it and not have a bulky weight yarn. I'm not sure what I'll make of it - bet it was intended for sock yarn but I don't know if I'll ever make socks out of handspun. It's certainly soft enough to be next to the skin. More pics of the spun singles later . . . .

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