Thursday, October 1, 2009

Late post . . .

I thought I had posted this two days ago when I created it, but apparently not.

Here is the baby blanket I made for a friend's new grandson. It's very thick and cushiony - perfect for putting on the floor to lay baby down on. I made it with the Pound size ball of acrylic yarn and it's soft enough, washable and has no ends woven in. I double stranded the yarn so it would be really thick and nice.

And I finally finished the second February lady. Actually it's been finished a while but needed buttons and I had them specially made to match it. Then it took several weeks for my friend to come see me so I could give it to her. She loves it and the weather is starting to cool down here so she'll be able to wear it soon.

And last, for your viewing pleasure, some of my blooming passiflora. They love the end of summer and early fall and are blooming like nuts. First is a kermensina seedling that is growing on the bushes that surround my mailbox. The vine has gotten huge and has tons of blooms everyday - usually no less than 6 and as many as 15 a day. Gotta love that!

This is Star of Surbiton - which has grown all over a rhododendron.

Blue Bouquet and violacea in a rainy and slightly blurry picture.

I'm pretty sure this is Jeanette, but the flower is blooming in the middle of a neighboring pot so it might just be an amethyst with wierd coloration.
And the lovely Lady Margaret - a blooming fool.

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