Friday, October 16, 2009

Spinning, yarn and fiber . . .

This is the first bobbin of the Earthy Rainbow Corriedale fiber from Fiber Fancy on Etsy. I adore the colors of this wool and normally I like spinning Corriedale, but I'm not enjoying spinning this as much as I would like to, more because the arthritis in my hands makes it difficult than anything else. It's making some lovely yarn tho - I bought 8 ounces and am on the second half of the first four ounces.

This is more of Maple's lovely alpaca roving that I bought to spin. I really love this stuff - it's the softest thing ever and so nicely processed that it practically spins itself. (No, I haven't spun the blanket that Nancy gave me yet - I haven't really had time to clean or card it.) And I love the smell of the fiber that I get from Northstar Alpacas because Maple always packs it with lovely lavender sachets.

This is the Berroco Lustra that I bought to make Mr. Greenjeans for myself. I had a gift certificat to the local yarn store (Needlenook) and used it for myself. The yarn is lovely and oh-so-soft. I will start on it when I finish the socks, costumes, shawl, etc . . .

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