Saturday, October 17, 2009


Can anyone tell me why Blogger has decided it needs to rotate my pictures? This picture should show the tatting going from side to side but Blogger has turned it so that the tatting goes up and down. Blogger turned several pictures in the last few posts too. I don't guess it matters too much but it irritates me anyway.

So, this is the tatting that Miss S is doing for the fall play - Sleepy Hollow. Her character has to wear a mop cap (a big circle with elastic sewn all the way around about 2" in from the edge.) The costumer made the hat and told Miss S that if she'd like to, she could make lace for the edge and then after the show, keep the hat. Since it's just a large circle, she can keep it as a hat or take out the elastic and use the circle as a table cloth. Girlfriend needs 75" of tatted lace and has probably close to that now. I get to stitch in on the cap (yeah, I'm loving that idea) after it gets blocked. It has to be done by Tuesday, so I need to get it blocked soon - hopefully she'll be done tatting today after practice.

Any tips on blocking (hopefully stiffening it just a bit) would be helpful. Also, if I have to cut it, how do I treat the ends?

And, as always, there will be pics of the finished goods when they are finished . . . .

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