Thursday, July 30, 2009

Spinning, Tatting and Knitting

Can't get enough of them! First, the spinning. I finished spinning up the Northern Lights Fiber Samples - did these seperately so now I have two hanks of this yarn. I think this is about 80 or 90 yards (can't remember) and it's a heavy worsted weight, navaho plyed smooshy and nice yarn.
Then, I had the white alpaca/merino/mohair blend and the gray alpaca/babydoll sheep blend from Northstar Alpacas that I had spun (about 4 ounces of each). I let them sit on the bobbins while I thought about what to do with them. I finally decided to ply them together (the original plan) because I wanted the bobbins free. It is quite nice yarn - not sure what it wants to be knit up as yet tho.

And while I was deciding what to do about the alpaca, I went ahead and got out that roving we bought in Oregon. It's a little overprocessed and has quite a few neps in it, but it's colors are gorgeous. The first bump is on the bobbin and it wanted to spin quite fine. I plan to spin the other bump starting with the red end and then ply the two together - should be a nice laceweight. Maybe another Ishbel?

And on the Tatting front: First, the beaded flower that disappeared from the camera the other day. And a second butterfly bookmark that I did with larger thread, just for practice. Both turned out nice, but each piece gets a little easier and looks a little nicer when done.

And the motif that D helped me figure out the pattern for - pic isn't great, but the piece looks good. Wish I could figure out a good way to deal with the ends . . .

And last, but not least, the knitting - well at least a little of it. This is the hat that I mailed to Virginia for the girl. I chose the purple before I knew about the red hair. Still think the hat looks cute!

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