Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Washington DC

Random pics from the trip - first, standing in the soup line at the FDR memorial - husband and daughter. Very cool memorial indeed. And the second pic is DD#1 in front of the first waterfall in the memorial. She took the same pic when she was younger on a school trip and wanted a contrasting current photo. It's a nice photo.

This is a sculpure in the Hirshorn Sculpture Garden - I've always been partial to Miro. And a second photo of the four of us reflected in a two way mirror sculpture in the same garden. I didn't think about the camera in my face until we'd left and I was looking back at the photos. If I had thought about it, I would have focused using the screen.

And the girls in the Aerospace Museum getting ready to get into a cockpit simulator - you should have heard the screaming coming from that thing as it rotated in circles!

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