Monday, July 20, 2009

Bits & Batts

Ok, so they aren't really batts they are rovings. Close enough for me. The big one is BFL (blue faced liecester) and the little ones are corn, ramie, soy silk and bamboo. I bought them from Alaskan Sass on Etsy and she magically got them here in two days. They are gorgeous!

And, on the tatting front, may I present my first beaded tatting - rings to make a pair of earings. I didn't follow the pattern because, well, when do I ever follow patterns? And Miss M and I found lots of tatting thread. The stuff in the packages lookes like #5 tho it doesn't say it - each package is 36 hanks of 10 yards each. We got two packages because we wanted both the variegated and the plain. Then we went to the fabric store and found the exact same stuff we got from D, so we bought 8 hanks of that too.

Now we must tat.

And last, but certainly not least this is my two color twined knitting sample from a million years ago. Twined knitting can be done flat since you can purl (unlike the way I do stranded colorwork). As you can see, there were no O's in this work but there were some other test stitches. I didn't do the wind two colors inside and outside of a center pull ball - I just used two balls of yarn and pinned them together. It's a nice fabric.

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Eve said...

When did you start tatting? And with beads? I'm very impressed. I've done tatting, but not with the beads. I need to see this.