Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tatting Party!!!

We had a lovely little Tatting Party tonight! Girl Number One got done with her second Young Writers Conference late in the afternoon and came home and wanted to learn. So, Girl Number Two got everything anyone owns out and tossed it on the floor and taught her. The pink bag (a Ruddawk KIP Sample Bag from the May Phat Fiber Box) became Girl Number One's Tatting Bag. (Girl Number Two already stole MY Ruddawg KIP bag that I paid for as hers). We shared some of the shuttles that Dena gave us and some that I'd gotten on Ebay and we had lots and lots of thread.

She picked what she wanted to make her 'leash' out of and shuttles were loaded and tatting begun. The floor became a mess as it always does when one is having a party. I donated the extra scissors, the ones that got 'lost' to the pink bag. We had plenty of gum machine prize bubbles for thread and got lots of it out.

Then the tatting began. See the concentration? She was doing quite well but apparently picked up a cold in Virginia and it's starting to make her ill tonight. At least it waited till she got thru the writing conference yesterday and today before it knocked her down.
I had two finished items to show you, but for some reason the pics of the second one have become vapor. This is the butterfly bookmark I made out of that really colorful thread that Miss M bought when we were out visiting, at the craft store before we had dinner with Jon. I'm not quite ready for finer thread yet. I moved back up to the thicker thread for the next project which you will have to wait till tomorrow to see.
D, can you take some pics of your favorite shuttle? Miss M says it is exactly the same as the detach and so she has kidnapped the detach.

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