Sunday, July 19, 2009

Idaho Day 3 - Our Trip to Atlanta

These are the nakey mountains they have in Idaho. And the dam which Maddie and I saw and could read from the airplane when we took off.

And the burned up trees on the used-to-be-not-nakey mountain. And the view from high up on the mountain.

This is the old mining equipment in Idaho City and the restaraunt where we ate in Idaho City.

More lovely nakey mountains.

And the wildflowers we saw - Mariposa Lilies.

The Atlanta sign - notice that Riverside Campground is just down the road.

This is the oldest structure still standing in Atlanta - and it has a sign to prove it!

And this is Gramma's New House in Atlanta. It's small, but she likes it!

The girl and the dog at Riverside Campground.

Roadside pics - the scenery is lovely. Idaho is a really pretty state - even if the mountains are nekkid.

More wildflowers - this yellow one didn't get researched so no name. The red one with the berries didn't get named either.

And this is a pic of very tired kids - the girl and the dog were both worn out!

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