Saturday, July 25, 2009

On the Tatting Front

Lest you think that nothing has been happening on the tatting front, here is the scoop!

First, the shuttles I found on Ebay. Both of the Boye have the hook and one of their hooks is bent. I think I can straighten it out with a plyers and something soft to protect it from scratches. One of them came with an extra bobbin and since I couldn't find them I got it.

The Justrite does not have a removable bobbin, but it's kinda cool anyway. The shape is nice and feels good in my hands and the pick is long and narrow and seems just about perfect to me.

But the cool thing is that this one not only turns sideways for loading, it actually comes apart into two seperate pieces so that you can load it very quickly. And then, when you put it back together, it's pretty firm so you don't have to worry about it turning open in your hands. (Sorry about the blurry pics - having camera issues today).

If you look at this last pic, you can see the two Boye on the top, with their extra bobbin. Then the third one is the Justrite with it's nice, narrow shape and long pick. The bottom one is the detach that I told you about - same bobbins as the boye but check out the shape and the pick. And the bobbin seems to fit in tighter than the Boye (I'm having troubles with the bobbins spinning on me).

And, so you know that I'm doing more than just finding shuttles . . .

Well, here are the beaded earings all finished and on their findings (and actually they are in my ears now). I know they aren't much, but I'm ridiculously thrilled with them!

First a sample from the Rebecca Jones book that I made using just one shuttle. I started another one (from Easy Tatting) but forgot that you have to join the joining picots when you get to them. Guess I wasn't awake when I started that! And the orange/green is a bookmark that I made using a shuttle and a ball. It's using the thicker thread that we used when you were here.

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Eve said...

I've used the plastic Clover tatting shuttles, and I like them. You may want to try them out also. The bobbin doesn't come out, but they are nice and small.

You've done a great job for your first tatting projects! I'm impressed.